Knowing what products are popular is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and figure out what products your clients want. The only thing is, it can be difficult to stay on top of trends and know what will be popular going forward. We at Holland Supply know it’s difficult to keep track of the ever-changing landscape that is the deathcare industry. That’s why we have compiled a list of our bestselling cemetery products of the last year, so you can know what products your clients want. This list will also help you predict what will be popular going forward. Read below to see our list of the bestselling cemetery products of 2023.

Bestselling Cemetery Products of 2023

When deciding which products to buy, it’s important to think about what products are going to give your clients the most value for their money. Holland Supply prides ourselves on only providing the highest quality products so your clients can know they’re getting products that are worthy of their time and money. Here are the bestselling, high-quality products that your clients are asking for.

Lot Markers

Lot markers are essential for any cemetery to properly function. Without them, locating gravesites would be exponentially more difficult, causing unnecessary complications with how smoothly your cemetery operates. Our stainless steel grave markers are the most popular cemetery markers used today. Made of high-quality stainless steel, they’re perfect for easily locating sunken or snow-covered gravesites. Lot markers are also available in aluminum or plastic, depending on your cemetery’s needs.

Urn Vaults

With cremation becoming a more popular option with every passing year, its important to have high-quality urn vaults to protect your clients’ cremains. The Fortress urn vault is our most popular option for protecting cremains. It is the leading poly urn vault in the market due to its high durability. This urn vault is guaranteed to safeguard cremains from the crushing weight of the earth.

Cremation Stands

Cremation stands are a great way to still offer an elegant service when a client chooses cremation over a traditional burial. These stands allow you to elevate and draw attention to the urn vault before burial to ensure the deceased stays the focal point of the ceremony until the very end. Our cremation stands come in three different varieties: aluminum, stainless steel, and the EZ Fold, so no matter what your cemetery’s needs, we have an option that suits your needs.

Funeral Tents

No graveside service is complete without a funeral tent to elevate its elegance and protect your clients from the elements. Holland Supply offers a wide variety of funeral tent options that will keep your clients comfortable as they celebrate the lives of their loved ones. These are made with first-rate Sunbrella fabric to guarantee the highest quality of tent. Whether you want something with easy setup or easy mobility, we have the tents you need without having to sacrifice quality. Browse our selection of funeral tents here.


Graveside Grass

Holland Supply’s graveside grass is the most pliable yet durable graveside grass on the market. The fibers are set into a double-strength backing so it will last for years to come. It also does not absorb water, so cleaning it is a breeze. Available in multiple sizes and styles, these grasses are a great way to provide a clean and elegant look to your cemetery.

Chair Covers

While our chairs provide a dignified look on their own, many customers prefer chair covers to elevate their look even further. Our chair covers are sewn with heavy-duty thread for enhanced durability. Wash with warm water to easily clean these durable chair covers.

Marking Flags

Holland Supply offers a variety of different grave marking flags to honor those who have served in the armed forces. Whether they served in Korea, World War II, Vietnam, or in the fire service, we have the flags needed to properly honor them.

D2 Biological Solution

D2 biological solution is the type of product you may not think about often but it is nonetheless, an essential product for any cemetery to have. It removes stains from mold and algae from gravestones and mausoleums. It is effective on almost all substances; marble, granite, limestone, wood, and many more.

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