Every year, the deathcare industry sees a fluctuation in what products are popular. Sometimes bestsellers become forgotten in favor of new products. Furthermore, other products may see a sudden rise in popularity, dethroning the previous bestsellers. This constant state of change can make predicting trends, and knowing which items to invest in, confusing to the point of frustration. We at Holland Supply want the buying process to be as easy and straightforward as possible. That’s why we’ve created this list of the must-have funeral products for 2024. Continue reading below to see what products you should be investing in during 2024.

Must-Have Funeral Products for 2024

Predicting what products you should be buying can be a hassle. Sometimes it can seem like the research is hardly worth the effort. But Holland Supply is here to help ease that burden. Check out this list of the ten products that are going to be your clients’ favorites.

Fortress and Safeguard Urn Vaults

One of our bestselling products that we don’t expect to fall out of favor, is our Fortress urn vaults. These are the leading poly urn vaults on the market, lauded for their high durability and simple yet elegant look.

Similarly, we expect the Safeguard urn vaults to sell just as well. Its economical design makes it a perfect option for protecting your client’s cremains.

Church Trucks

When it comes to moving caskets, our church trucks have proved to be one of the best options in the business. This handy piece of equipment is perfect for moving caskets both in a funeral home and a cemetery. Additionally, it folds up when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about it being too cumbersome. The church truck is also available in a premium variety that will heighten an already excellent service.

Floral Displays

One type of product that has proven to be evergreen, is the floral displays. These products display flowers in beautiful arrays that honor the deceased and bring serenity to those attending the service. Whether you choose the basic stands, the deluxe combo stand, or one of our many beautiful options, these displays are a shoe-in as must-have funeral products this coming year.


Chairs are products that will always be a necessity. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor seating, we have a plethora of high-quality options your clients will love. The Hercules folding chair and padded stacking chair are some of our more popular options.

If neither of these styles fit what you and your clients need, browse our full chair inventory here.

Casket Biers

When displaying a casket during a viewing, its important to decide what kind of biers you want supporting the casket. If you prefer an option that puts more attention on the casket we recommend our nearly invisible casket pedestals. This will ensure all eyes are on the true focal point of the service and not the supporting products.

If you are looking for a more aesthetic option, the bronze acrylic casket display supports may be a great option. With only two or three of these supports, you can easily display even the heaviest of caskets. They’re made of breakproof acrylic lucite and come apart for easy storage, so you’ll get the most utility out of these products as possible.

Seat Signs

Seat signs are a vital part of any funeral service. They let people know which signs are reserved for family members and which seats are open to the public. Holland Supply offers three major types of reservation signs; reservations for family members, pallbearers, or unlabelled signs to be used at your clients’ discretion. All of the options are available in a variety of designs and formats, so be sure to browse our full seat sign inventory to find what your clients need.


As of 2022, nearly half of Americans thought there should be a religious component to funerals, a record high since 2012. For those seeking a religious ceremony, Holland Supply offers a wide range of crucifix options. Browse our inventory to find the one that’s right for you and your customers.

Mortuary Cots

Cots are an essential product for moving and caring for the deceased, so its vital that you have the right product for the job. The heavy duty single person mortuary cot is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable and longlasting product. With reinforced legs that automatically lock when unloading, this product makes it so that one person can load and unload the cot.

Cremation Supplies

As many of you are well aware, cremation is continually growing in popularity. Trends show that it may soon become the norm in the deathcare industry, so it pays to be prepared. Holland Supply offers a great selection of cremation supplies to help you be ready for any cremation requests that come your way. From protective gear, to processor blades, to brushes and even temporary urns, Holland Supply has everything you need to make the cremation process efficient and easy.

Hearse Nameplates

Hearse nameplates are an easy way to distinguish your vehicles. We offer nameplates in polished or satin standard finish. They are also available in chrome or bronze for an extra charge.

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In the everchaning climate of the deathcare industry, its important to say ahead of the curve. The products your customers want right now may not be the ones they want in the future. Call or contact us today to place your order and get the high-quality products your customers deserve.

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