The landscape of cemetery management is continually evolving. As cemeteries seek to blend tradition and innovation, it’s important to seamlessly merge timeless reverence with cutting-edge products designed to enhance the overall cemetery experience. As you look for ways to improve this experience for your customers and stay on top of the latest technology, we’ve provided this simple list of the top 10 products you must have at your cemetery for 2024.

From high-quality tents to practical lot markers to sturdy grave boards, we’ll explore the perfect blend of sentimental legacy and modern convenience.

Top 10 Products You Must Have At Your Cemetery For 2024

  1. Tents
  2. Folding chairs and chair covers
  3. Lowering device
  4. Lowering device stand & drape
  5. Cremation stand
  6. Graveside grass
  7. Lot markers
  8. Grave identification flags
  9. Rammer probe
  10. Grave boards

1. Tents

Funeral tents serve a significant purpose in the funeral industry, providing both practical and symbolic value during the mourning process.They provide a place of comfort and shelter for mourners, privacy, and of course, they protect from the ever-changing elements.

Each cemetery must choose a selection of tents that best fit their needs. Top tents for our customers include:

Hillside Tent


Roll Around Tent

roll around

chapel tent

chapel tent

oval tent

oval tent

2. folding chairs and chair covers

Next, folding chairs are essential for cemeteries, since by nature they’re easy to set up, tear down, and move around. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, our resin folding chairs or hercules wood folding chairs are at the top of the list.

hercules folding chair

Additionally, the premium plastic folding chair and premium steel folding chair are both designed for indoor and outdoor use and are simple yet quality options for seating your guests.

premium plastic folding chair
premium steel folding chair

In addition to chairs, chair covers give your chairs a sharp and professional look and create an elegant feel for your services.

3. Lowering device

A lowering device makes casket lowering simple and smooth. This tool aids in creating a comforting experience for loved ones, knowing that the departed is being lowered gently and with ease.

Although we offer a handful of options for lowering devices, our Frigid Imperial Lowering Device is the most popular choice for our customers.

4. Lowering device stand & Drape

In addition, the lowering device stand is a practical and necessary tool for facilitating a smooth and respectful burial process in cemeteries, contributing to the overall professionalism and solemnity of the ceremony.

Drapes also give the device an attractive, aesthetic look, and our drapes are easily adjustable to fit any stand.

5. Cremation stand

Cremation stands lend a greater sense of dignity and honor to the service. Our cremation stand choices include the EZ Fold, Aluminum Fold Cremation Stand, and Stainless Steel Cremation Stand.

ez fold

6. Graveside Grass

Having graveside grass in cemeteries is significant for multiple reasons. Beyond its aesthetic value, our durable, no-fray, non-absorbing, and easy-to-clean grass contributes to a sense of respect and memorialization. This creates a serene atmosphere for visitors. Symbolically, green and cared-for grass represents life and growth, offering a hopeful contrast to the somber nature of a cemetery.

7. Lot Markers

Lot markers serve as a means of organizing and locating specific burial plots within the cemetery grounds.

Our stainless steel and cast aluminum lot markers are high-quality choices that provide durable, long-lasting options for cemeteries.

8. Grave Identification Flags

Grave identification flags contribute to the organized and respectful management of burial grounds.They assure accuracy and are available in a range of colors.

9. Rammer Probe

With a high-quality rammer probe, probing is effortless. Whether you’re facing snow, ice, or roots, our slide-action hammer probe makes the job both easier and faster.

10. Grave Boards

Lastly, our channel-style grave board provides a secure foundation for graveside services. Although each lightweight section only weighs 55 pounds, it can support half a ton.

Provide the Best Experience for Your Clients in 2024

As a cemetery, you have the privilege of walking with your clients through some of the most tender moments of their lives. In this industry, it’s imperative to have the right tools to provide a gentle and compassionate experience for those attending these precious moments in your cemetery.

Our team at Holland Supply is here to help you make sure that you’re not missing anything that you need. Not sure what products are best for you? Contact our knowledgable staff, and we’ll guide you through the best options for your cemetery.

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