Expansion Racks

Expansion Racks are functional and strong. They are made from durable anodized aluminum bars and are easy to store. They are ready to transport to churches, parties, trade shows, cemeteries, or anywhere a large display is needed. Combine the base rack with the available extension to add 30″ of height to your Rack, and create a truly impressive exhibit. Retractable hooks drop out when open, and disappear when stands are folded for easy storage.



#1053 50″ Expansion Rack Value Bundle
#1073 70″ Expansion Rack Value Bundle
#1031 30″ 3-Rail Expansion Rack
#1071 70″ 7-Rail Expansion Rack
#1032 30″ Height Extension for Item #1031
#1052 30″ Height Extension for Item #1051
#1072 30″ Height Extension for Item #1071
#1023 12″ Expansion Rack Shelf
#1051 50″ 5-Rail Expansion Rack
#2501 Expansion Rack Carrying Case


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