Standard Combo Stands

Standard Combo Stands give you flexibility, style, function and strength. Available in three sizes, these stands will adjust in height to fit any surroundings in any configuration! The top of each stand can tilt vertically to hold foam blocks. floral sprays, wreaths or anything that can be hung.

Steel points drop out when the head is in a vertical position, and then retract when the head is positioned horizontally for placement of vases, baskets, or any display item. The tripod leg design provides amazing balance and stability.



#1743 Assorted Standard Combo Display Stand Value Bundle (2 each #1724, #1732 & #1740)
#1770 Large Standard Combo Display Stand Value Bundle (6 #1740)
#1724 Small Standard Combo Display Stand
#1732 Medium Standard Combo Display Stand
#1740 Large Standard Combo Display Stand
#2542 Standard Combo Display Stand Carrying Case
#4011 Replacement Top For Standard Combo Stand

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