After considering setup, graveside products, and the possibility of cremation, the next step that needs to be considered is casket handling & mausoleum equipment. While this may be the final step in the funeral process it is equally, if not more, important than the previous steps. Having quality casket handling & mausoleum equipment is essential for providing the best service in the industry. It can make all the difference when providing an elegant and refined service.

Because this step is so vital, it’s important to sift through all the products to make certain you have the best equipment for your clients. We at Holland Supply have compiled some of our best-selling products to save you the hassle of sorting through products that aren’t worth your time or money. Take a look at our top casket handling & mausoleum equipment!

Casket Handling

A casket carriage is a great way to help relieve the pallbearers of the burden of having to carry a heavy casket. The carriage is used to carry the casket from the chapel to the hearse, then from the hearse to the gravesite. Customizable nameplates are available as are two different wheel options; hard or pneumatic.

Church trucks are a great and affordable option for moving caskets. With folding handles for easy storage and a carrying capacity of over 1000 lbs, a church truck is the perfect casket handling tool.

View our full catalog of casket-handling equipment here for a full list of our high-quality equipment and accessories.

Mausoleum Equipment

Mausoleum Lifts

When it comes to mausoleum equipment, Mausoleum lifts are a necessity when dealing with mausoleums. Holland Supply offers two different variations that ensure you can provide your customers with top-quality service.

  • The Low Boy mausoleum lift is the industry standard for mausoleum lifts. Able to reach eight crypts high and carry over 1000 lbs, the Low Boy is the best in the business.
  • The hydraulic lift table is the perfect tool for your funeral home. It can be used either as a casket mover or mausoleum lift so you will always have a use for it.

Mausoleum Supplies

Mausoleum supplies are a wide selection of products that ensure crypt upkeep and maintenance runs smoothly and efficiently. We at Holland Supply have together a short list of our top-selling mausoleum equipment. Take a look!

  • Casket Tray – Durable and long-lasting, these trays allow for easier handling of caskets.
  • Crypt & Niche Drapes – These curtains are the perfect way to give your service a dignified look while the crypt is open.
  • Crypt Sealer – Our crypt sealer is reinforced and finished with a smooth grey design to match the concrete. They can also be trimmed to ensure a proper fit.
  • Vase Lifter – Vase lifters allow you to reach high crypts and niches without the use of a ladder.
  • Vacuum Cup Grippers – These grippers have been a favorite of the industry for decades. They provide a practical way to move glass, marble, concrete, and any other smooth surface.
  • And more!

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