Anyone who has been in the death care industry for any amount of time knows that it’s the smaller details that can make or break how good a service is. It’s the things that most clients don’t even think about that help funeral services run smoothly. One of these often-forgotten aspects is casket transportation. Casket transportation, though it may not be at the forefront of your client’s mind, is a vital part of the funeral process that should be given proper consideration.

What Is Casket Transportation?

Casket transportation, also known as casket handling, is exactly what it sounds like – moving the casket from one place to another. While it may seem simple by definition, there are a lot of things to consider when handling a casket. With so many different styles and modes of transportation, it can quickly become a much more complex topic than one might initially think.

Casket Transportation Products

With the large variety of options available, it can be hard to know what products you and your clients need. That’s why we at Holland Supply have compiled a list of our best-selling casket-handling products.

Church Truck

A church truck is the most basic tool in casket transportation services. Church trucks are a great, affordable option for funeral homes and cemeteries. Their folding handles and pneumatic wheels make them easy to use and store.

Premium church trucks are another great option, delivering the same functionality as a regular church truck, but with a more elegant design. The premium church truck displays caskets of all shapes and sizes with ease.

Casket Buddy

The casket buddy is an inexpensive way to load and unload caskets from coaches and church trucks. The casket buddy’s adjustable height and ability to support 1,000 lbs make it a great choice for moving caskets.

Casket Carriage

Casket carriages are an essential part of the casket transportation process. These carriages relieve the pallbearers from the burden of transporting the casket by hand, allowing for easy mobility from the chapel to the hearse and from the hearse to the gravesite. With pneumatic or hard wheels, casket carriages make a great addition to your funeral service. Nameplates are also available as a customization option.

One-Man Casket Lift

Before a casket can be placed on a church truck or casket buddy, one has to lift the casket high enough to place it there. This is a strenuous task for multiple people, and nearly impossible for a single worker. That’s where the one-man casket lift comes in. This lift allows for a single person to lift a casket without the back-breaking labor otherwise required.

Casket Handling Accessories

While the previously mentioned products are the standard for casket handling in the death care industry, they are not the only products you need. There are several important accessories that will elevate the quality of your services.

While church trucks, especially premium church trucks, already have a polished look, it may be wise to have a church truck drape to enhance your service even further. These drapes come in a variety of different colors that give your church trucks a beautiful look without interfering with how they operate.

It’s also important to have the correct bier pins for the job. These pins ensure the casket is secured to the bier so that it remains stable in the hearse. The pins come in two types, stationary and adjustable, so no matter what your client’s needs are, you’ll always be prepared.

Find All Your Casket Transportation Needs

We at Holland Supply know it can be frustrating to find the products you need for the prices you want. That’s why we work with you to find the products that are right for you. Call now at (800)-527-8818 to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members or contact us through our website and get the products you need today!