Urn vaults – have you heard of them?

With the growing popularity of cremation in the United States, most people know that cremated remains are stored in an urn.

Less familiar, maybe, is the practice of burying cremated remains; and even more unknown to the average American is the use of an urn vault in this process. Often, the first time people learn about the existence of urn vaults is when a charge for one is added to their bill from the funeral home. 

So, what is an urn vault, and why are they used?

What is an urn vault?

An urn vault is a small container designed to hold an urn for the burial of cremated remains. Most of these vaults are made out of concrete or heavy-duty plastics. This protect against the biodegrading effects of being buried underground. 

Why bury cremated remains?

Perhaps the obvious question that comes to mind is this: why bury cremated remains? Isn’t the whole point of cremation to avoid the hassle and expense of burial? Well, not for everyone.

For many, having a physical burial location for the cremated remains of their loved one is a deep comfort. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of housing cremated remains in their home and would prefer to have a designated spot where family and friends can go in the years to come to honor the deceased. 

Another reason why people often choose to bury cremated remains is that it is still less expensive than a traditional burial. For one, the area needed to bury cremated remains is much smaller than that for a full-size casket, and a casket itself can be extremely expensive. When you bury cremated remains, you avoid the expense of a casket and a full-size burial plot.

So, although not everyone chooses to bury cremated remains, it is a common practice for many as a simple way to respect the deceased. 

Reasons to use an urn vault

There are two main reasons why people use urn vaults: the first is that they protect the cremated remains of the deceased, and the second is that they protect the cemetery grounds. 

Below, we’ll go into a little more detail about the reasons to use one.

1. They protect the urn

Most urns are made to be decorative and beautiful, but not necessarily to withstand the elements. When an urn is buried, it is susceptible not only to the biodegrading effects of the earth but also to the pressure of the ground above it. The use of heavy cemetery equipment like lawnmowers and backhoes over the area where the urn is buried also puts weight on it that it was not designed to handle. 

Urn vaults protect the urn from damage due to the elements and cemetery equipment. They are specifically designed to withstand the underground environment so the cremated remains and beautiful urn are kept safe. 

2. They protect the cemetery

Secondly, urn vaults are used to protect the cemetery itself. In fact, most cemeteries actually require the use of an urn vault for urn burial because they preserve the cemetery grounds. 

Without an urn vault, a buried urn can cause the ground above it to collapse under pressure. Cemetery equipment may need to pass over the burial location, and a vault serves to support the ground from the pressure of these machines so it doesn’t cave in.

Urn Vaults at Holland Supply

Are you looking for high-quality urn vaults that are affordable? Holland Supply offers three different options to meet your needs: 

1. Cremains urn vault

 Our Cremains urn vault is our most low-profile vault option. It is made of high-impact polystyrene which protects against biodegrading.

2. Safeguard urn vault

The Safeguard is one of the most economical urn vaults on the market. It is available in three colors and provides excellent impact resistance. 

3. Fortress urn vault

The Fortress urn vault is our most elegant vault option, available in both white marble and gold with a burgundy velour-lined interior. We also provide 2-inch risers that can be added to the Fortress urn vault to accommodate larger urns. 

For dimensions, color options, and more details, take a look at our catalog!

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