U Bars

A safer and cheaper alternative for funeral setups at the grave site. Our U bars provide safety for your families, employees, and cemetery workers. No more worries about young children or others falling into an open grave, pallbearers don’t need to reach so far down to set the casket on a lowering device. Your employees never need to climb inside the grave to clean dirt and debris out of the vault. You don’t need to worry about the graveside walls caving in, filling your vault up with dirt, and possibly caving in on your employees. Never need to climb into the grave and remove your straps from underneath the casket or remove your sling around your burial vault. Can be used for double deep burials also. Don’t spend money on extra equipment when you can use the crane that’s on your vault truck.


  • Hold the vault in place above the ground for graveside services
  • Excellent presentation for the family
  • No more climbing into the hole to clean debris out of your vault
  • No more dirt cave into the vault
  • Employees don’t have to climb into the hole to get straps out from underneath the casket
  • Safer for pallbearers as they don’t have to reach down and risk injury
  • Don’t worry about people falling into an open hole at the graveside service any longer
  • No moving parts. Put on and take off in seconds
  • Solid piece of flat bar bent, no welds to worry about

The U bars are made out of 4″ solid flat bar, 1/2″ thick.The bars are 13″ tall and 60″ long. The U bars weigh 50 lbs. each and come painted. Powder coating is available.