Urn Display Rack

Our Portable Urn Rack is an attractive set for use at cremation memorials providing the user with a portable, elegant display system. The stand is an adaptation of the Ladder Rack, featuring bright gold anodized aluminum tubing. The urn shelf is heavy duty & wood-grain finished, and can be attached to a variety of rung heights. It has a brass finish on the edge to match the bright gold finish of the stand.

The floral rack, which easily inserts into the top of the stand, is constructed of gold anodized aluminum. It has steel points for mounting flower arrangements, which fold and lock out of sight when not in use. A portrait mounting set is included, made of polished brass knobs permitting a portrait display integral to the urn display.



#1220 Portable Urn Display Rack Value Bundle
#1229 Urn Stand Portrait Mounting Set
#1222 Portable Urn Display Base Unit
#1223 Urn Stand Floral Rack
#1227 Urn Stand Heavy-Duty Shelf