When planning a funeral service it can be hard not to overlook the smaller details, but those smaller details are actually just as important as the rest of the service. Without those smaller details supporting the service, the whole thing can fall apart and lose its elegance. One of the most important items a funeral service needs not only to maintain its elegance but also enhance it, is a quality selection of cemetery vases. While a funeral service can be held without cemetery vases, it will absolutely lack the dignity and charm your clients deserve. Check out our list of cemetery vase options.

Cemetery Vases

Cemetery vases are a great way to elevate your services and give them a dignified look. Whether you’re decorating a mausoleum or a gravesite, vases play an instrumental part in providing your clients with a quality funeral service. Check out our most popular vase options below.

Golden Line Mausoleum Vase

This option is a truly classy option that gives any mausoleum a beautiful finishing touch. With customizable color and style options, the golden line mausoleum vases are a great fit for any style of mausoleum.

Royal Duchess Mausoleum Vase

The royal duchess mausoleum vases come in three beautiful colors; metallic bronze, verde green, and gold. This vase option also comes in three different size options and two different hanging styles.

Spun Bronze Mausoleum Vase

The spun bronze mausoleum vase is a simple yet dignified cemetery vase option that offers a variety of customization options. These vases are available in satin and verde finishes. A choice of saddle & button or ring hanging systems makes this the perfect vase for any style of mausoleum.

Grecian Vase

Grecian vases are a must-have for any cemetery. Their classic design makes them right at home at any gravesite. This goblet-shaped vase is zinc-coated with a stainless casing. Enjoy this vase in bronze, grey, or textured bronze.

Trion Vase

The Trion vase’s unique octagonal shape gives it a unique look, unlike any other vase. This vase is a fantastic ground-level option with its double wall poly case and finger grabs that assist in removal from the casing.

Lifetime Vase

The Lifetime vase has a variety of features that make it America’s most popular in-ground vase. These vases are made of zinc so they resist erosion, making them a perfect vase for long-term use. Choose from a variety of styles that give off the elegant look of bronze or silver at just a fraction of the cost. Plus, the exclusive twist-lock feature ensures the inner vase is secure.

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Your clients deserve the graveside and mausoleum products that will give them the quality service they deserve. Choose from the selection of vases above or browse our full catalog here. Once you figure out what products you need to accommodate your clients’ desires, contact us to place an order. Also, contact us with any questions you have about our high-quality products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready and waiting to answer all your questions and connect you with the top-quality products your clients deserve.

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