Imagine you are attending a funeral. You walk into the building. Beautiful flower arrangements surround an elegant and ornate casket as loved ones mourn the loss of their beloved friend or family member. It’s a beautiful service that celebrates the life of the deceased, but there is one glaring problem. There is nowhere to sit. There is not a single chair in the room. Mourners are forced to stand or else kneel on the hard floor, making an already difficult time all the more uncomfortable. This may seem like a ridiculous scenario, but it highlights an important point. Chairs, or any other seemingly small piece of equipment, can define whether a service is a success or not. Without the proper funeral seating, both your funeral and graveside service become unorganized disasters. Read below to browse our best-selling funeral seating options.

Funeral Seating Options

Determining which seating options best fit your funeral home may seem like a simple or inconsequential choice, but it is often the little things that can make or break a service’s ambiance. That’s why Holland Supply carries such a large selection of different funeral seating options.

For the convenience of the reader, we’ve gone ahead and split this list into two different sections; outdoor seating options and indoor seating options. While one could technically use any chair for any locale, there are some options better suited for outdoor use than indoor. You don’t want to spend money on incredibly elegant and ornate chairs only to have them muddied by using them outdoors. On the other hand, some of the outdoor options may not have the correct vibe for an indoor service. With indoor services, your chairs will most likely prioritize elegance and beauty. While outdoor services mostly prioritize durable chairs that provide an easy setup.

Outdoor Seating

Holland Supply’s outdoor seating options are designed to handle the elements and heavy-duty use. Read below to see the chairs best suited for cemetery use.

Resin Folding Chair

Firstly, our Resin Folding Chairs are highly durable yet have an upscale appearance, making them a perfect option for cemetery use. These premium folding chairs come in white, black, or brown.

Hercules Wood Folding Chair

The Hercules Folding Chair is a great option for funeral or graveside use. Its elegant design is only second to its incredible durability. It’s available in mahogany, black, or white.

Premium Steel Folding Chair

Our Premium Steel Chairs are some of our most durable chair options. These chairs are designed for commercial use and are easy to clean, making them perfect for any outdoor service.

premium steel folding chair

Indoor Seating

Holland Supply designed our indoor seating options to provide your clients with chairs that elevate their service’s elegance and grace. Keep reading to browse some of our most popular indoor seating options.

Padded Stacking Chair

Firstly, the Padded Stacking Chair is one of our most durable seating options. With a frame that supports up to 800 lbs, fire retardant foam, and durable upholstery, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of these chairs.

Stakmore French Folding Chair

The Stakmore French Folding Chair is constructed of hardwood and padded with an upholstered seat. The cherry wood finish and blue upholstery give this chair a refined look, perfect for any funeral service.

Stakmore Music Back Folding Chair

Lastly, Holland Supply’s Stakmore Music Back Folding Chairs provide the same comfort the Stakmore line is known for, but with an extra ornate design. These elegant chairs perfectly capture the elegance and beauty that funeral services should have. With a cherry wood finish similar to the Stakmore French Folding Chair, these chairs will elevate any service you offer.

While these different types of chairs are all amazing in their own right, they’re only a fraction of the options we offer. Check out our full catalog of funeral seating options and chair accessories here.

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While chairs may be a small part of a funeral or graveside service, they’re clearly a vital part. If any of these seating options or any of the other options from our expansive catalog interest you, contact us today to learn more or place an order. Our staff is ready to help you find the products you need to give your clients the quality service they deserve.

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