Keeping up with monuments can be a big job. Not only is originally placing the monument a backbreaking task, but tombstones don’t always stay in place. This is especially true when they’re not leveled ideally to begin with. Anyone who has worked in cemetery maintenance knows that tombstones are exceptionally heavy, and placing or re-placing them is a massive job. A tombstone jack, also known as a monument jack or gravestone leveling device, is a specialized tool designed to make the job of monument leveling and positioning in a cemetery much easier. These jacks are particularly useful when it comes to cemetery grounds preparation and upkeep. Keep reading to find out a few reasons why you may want to consider a tombstone jack in order to confidently and safely move and place monuments.

Monument Leveling – 6 Reasons to Use a Tombstone Jack

There are a number of reasons to consider using a tombstone jack to do your job better, faster, and more safely. Shovels, blocks, and logs have their place. For those who move a lot of monuments, however, a tombstone jack makes the job much more efficient. And when you’re moving around hundreds of pounds on a regular basis, you need to be as efficient as possible.

Want to learn more about how a these jacks work? Watch this video, then jump into reading more about the benefits of this irreplaceable tool.

1. Efficient Leveling

Tombstones or monuments may sink, tilt, or become uneven over time due to various factors. Settling soil or weather conditions are some of the main reasons why they often become dislodged from their original positions. Using a tombstone jack means that even smaller adults can lift, level, and replace monuments and gravestones (as well as many other heavy objects) with confidence and safety. 

A major benefit of this tool is that one person can easily operate the jack and needs no more strength than it takes to lift a single piece of the system. This means that cemetery staff or maintenance personnel can efficiently level the tombstone without the need for excessive manual labor. This can save time and effort in the upkeep process.

2. Safety

Next, lifting and leveling heavy tombstones manually can be a physically demanding and potentially hazardous task. Using a tombstone jack makes it possible for one person to level a monument in less than 30 minutes – without putting their physical safety at risk. Tombstone jacks provide a stable and controlled way to lift and adjust the monument, reducing the risk of injuries to workers.

3. Precise adjustments

Tombstone jacks often come with adjustable features, such as height settings and leveling mechanisms. This allows for precise adjustments to ensure the tombstone is correctly aligned and balanced, therefore giving it a professional and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

4. Preserving monuments

Improperly aligned or uneven tombstones can cause structural damage over time. By using a tombstone jack to level the monument, the pressure on its base is evenly distributed. This reduces the risk of cracking or other structural issues, which can therefore extend the life of the monument.

A tombstone jack also offers the possibility of easily moving and working on any previously placed tombstones that may need repair.

5. Versatility

Tombstone jacks are a versatile tool for cemetery maintenance because they’re designed to handle monuments of various shapes and sizes. They can be used for different types of tombstones without the need for multiple specialized tools.

6. Minimal disruption 

Lastly, using a tombstone jack helps to create a peaceful environment. Cemetery grounds should be tranquil and respectful places. Using a tombstone jack allows maintenance work to be done with minimal disruption to the surrounding area, as it is a relatively quiet and controlled process.

Position and Preserve Monuments with a Professional-Quality Tombstone Jack

Overall, a tombstone jack simplifies the process of leveling and maintaining tombstones in a cemetery. It provides efficiency, safety, precision, and preservation benefits, making it an essential tool for cemetery caretakers and staff. 

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