At Holland Supply, we know what a struggle it can be to get the products you need when you need them. For cemeteries, funeral homes, crematories, and vault dealers who are doing their best to meet the needs of their clients, it’s frustrating to feel like securing top-quality products quickly is out of your control. We exist to provide you with quality products AND outstanding customer service. Take a look at some of our top products at Holland Supply so that you know where to get what you need – when you need it – in order to create the best experience possible for your customers.

Top Products at Holland Supply

In the intricate landscape of the death care industry, the significance of top-quality products cannot be overstated. Within an industry where compassion, respect, and meticulous attention to detail are paramount, the products that are used hold profound importance.

At Holland Supply, our top products are not just commodities; they embody the essence of honoring and commemorating lives. In a realm where precision and empathy converge, our top products emerge as indispensable tools that empower professionals to navigate the delicate journey of death care with the utmost respect and reverence it demands.

The four main categories of products that are most-purchased from Holland Supply include:

  1. Set up
  2. Graveside
  3. Cremation
  4. Casket handling & mausoleum supplies

1.     Set up

Having a nice set up is very important in creating a dignified and comfortable atmosphere during a funeral service. Tents provide shelter, protecting family and friends from the elements and allowing them to grieve comfortably.

Chair covers, drapes, and grass offer a touch of elegance and uniformity. Together, these items help create an atmosphere of comfort and respect.

The top products in this category include:

2. Graveside

Next, graveside items play a vital role in assisting grounds crew with maintaining cemetery grounds. They help keep everything organized, prevent mistakes and problems in the future, and prepare gravesites for burials. Using these tools and equipment ensures the grounds crew can perform their duties with precision and efficiency.

Top graveside items include:

3. Cremation

With cremation rates rising, it’s important to take account of the supplies on hand in order to keep up with growing demand. By offering a full line of cremation supplies, we are confident that we have everything needed for crematory operators to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. Our cremation supplies are affordable, high quality, and always available when you need them.

This category of our top products includes popular items such as:

4. Casket handling & mausoleum supplies

Lastly, having the right casket handling and mausoleum supplies is essential for providing the best service in the industry.

Having the correct equipment and supplies pertaining to casket handling and mausoleums can make all the difference. Using a casket carriage and church trucks for moving caskets during a visitation or to the gravesite makes the task seem effortless. The mausoleum lift is the only way to safely lift the casket to its final resting place in the mausoleum.

In addition, using casket trays, crypt beads, and crypt sealers ensures the job is done correctly and will prevent unwanted problems in
the future.

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