In the realm of honoring the departed, few occasions hold as much significance as funeral services. These somber yet vital ceremonies provide an opportunity for family and friends to gather, share memories, and bid farewell to their loved ones. Amidst the emotional challenges of such moments, the importance of a well-organized and thoughtful funeral service cannot be understated. Central to the seamless execution of these events is the funeral setup equipment employed.

From shelter-providing tents, to seating arrangements that foster a sense of comfort, the choice and arrangement of equipment play a crucial role in creating an environment where attendees can find solace, connection, and closure.

Holland Supply’s Top Products for a Comforting and Welcoming Funeral Setup

At Holland Supply, we understand how hard it can be to find the right products at the right time. In an industry that’s all about empathy, helpfulness, and compassion during the most trying times of your customers’ lives, having the right products is vital.

When it comes to funeral services, there’s a lot more that goes into the setup than many people know. From necessities, like lowering devices, to aesthetic aids like chair covers and drapes, we’re here to help you create a peaceful setting and smooth funeral service.

Here’s a look at our top products for funeral setup.


We offer a variety of options for tents. Whether protecting guests from sun or rain, our selection of tents provide needed shelter in a variety of sizes, shapes, and looks. We offer both roll-around and fixed tent options to meet the needs of your funeral services.


Our chairs are built to stand up to many uses and keep your guests comfortable no matter the length of the service. Some of our most popular choices include:

View all of our comfortable chair options here.

Chair covers & drapes

Chair covers provide an element of beauty and enhanced comfort for your funeral setup. Our chair covers are made with high-quality, plush acrylic fabric and heavy-duty, durable thread.

In addition, drapes create an attractive, dignified, and put-together look for the different tools and equipment needed for a funeral service.

Lowering device stands

Lowering device stands provide a sturdy base for lowering devices. They contribute to the overall dignity, respect, and smooth execution of the event.

Lowering devices

Next, lowering devices hold a significant role in a funeral service by aiding in gently lowering the casket into the grave. Our high-quality, heavy-duty lowering devices are designed with safety and control in mind.

Cremation stands

Cremation stands, also known as cremation containers or platforms, hold a vital significance in the process of honoring a loved one’s final wishes through cremation. As an important part of the funeral setup, these stands serve as a practical and symbolic element within the cremation process.

Grass & matting

The choice of grass and matting can profoundly impact the atmosphere, creating an environment of serenity and natural beauty. The softness of grass underfoot and the gentle textures of matting offer a comforting backdrop for mourners.

Roller bars

Lastly, our roller bars are made of cast aluminum and offer a heavy-duty option that’s equipped with rubber pads for protecting your device. Our roller bars come in sets of three or as individuals.

Need Help Finding the Right Items for Your Funeral Setup?

At Holland Supply, we not only pride ourselves on top-quality products, but on an equally high-quality level of customer service. We’re standing by, reading to help you find the items you need – when you need them. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need some advice, we’d love to help. Call us today!