At Holland Supply, we know that it can be tricky to know what products are worth purchasing. With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to get the right products to fill your clients’ needs. That’s why we at Holland Supply have made it as simple as possible to choose the right graveside equipment for your business.

After the setup is complete, the next step to consider is graveside products. Graveside products are essential in assisting grounds crews with maintaining cemetery grounds. Whether it’s keeping everything organized, preparing gravesites for burials, or preventing mistakes and future problems from arising, these tools ensure improved precision and efficiency for the grounds crew. Below you will find all the graveside products you need to give your guests an elegant and seamless funeral service.

Holland Supply’s Top Products for Creating the Perfect Service

From sophisticated vases to reliable dump trailers, graveside equipment is the key to a flawless funeral service that will give your guests the closure and satisfaction of giving their loved ones a proper burial. There is much more to graveside products than meets the eye. They work behind the scenes to ensure no problems arise during the service and that your business is prepared to overcome the challenges the death care industry offers.

Here is a look at our top graveside products.

Lot Markers

Lot markers are an essential graveside product that helps to mark off burial sites and make them easier to locate. Our lot markers come in cast aluminum or stainless steel options that offer a variety of benefits.


Flags are a great way to honor those who served. With the wide selection of models we offer, no matter how, when, or where your guests served, we have the right flag to honor their service.

Lowering Device Straps

A lowering device is an essential part of any funeral service. Lowering device straps are key to ensure that the lowering of the casket runs smoothly and safely, and provides an elegant look. With a large selection of different sizes, you are bound to find what suits your needs.

Rammer Probes

Probing has never been easier! Our probes go through frost, clay, and roots with ease. No more hours of hard labor work using a push probe, made with a rubber-coated steel rammer handle, you won’t even break a sweat.

Temporary Markers

One of the most important graveside products is the grave marker. Whether your clients choose to go with a grave marker or a headstone, it is important to have a temporary marker while waiting for a permanent option to be ready. Our selection of temporary markers ensures your guests will have an elegant and personalized marker while a long-term marker is prepared.


D2 is a biodegradable, easy-to-use liquid that removes stains from most building materials in only 10 to 15 minutes. When it comes to cleaning headstones and monuments, it’s the best in the business.


AlturnaMATS are a great way of offering ground protection from heavy equipment and vehicles. They are designed to bend but never break and can support up to 120 tons, making them ideal for removing dirt or gravel.

Dump Trailer

The Holland Hydraulic Dump is designed to utilize your present towing equipment to provide you with all of the advantages of a dump truck, at a fraction of the cost. Also available in a side dump variant that allows for maneuvering through tighter spaces.


Vases are a graveside product that are a great way to provide a burial site with a classy and dignified look as well as provide another way for guests to honor their loved ones with flowers. Some of our most popular choices include:

View all of our elegant vase options here.


When it comes to cast aluminum signs, our vast catalog of customizable signs ensures your sign will be as unique as your business. All of our signs are double-sided, with raised lettering, making them the perfect sign for the entrance or sections of your cemetery. View our full catalog of custom sign patterns here.

In addition, our portable self-folding traffic guides ensure that traffic runs smoothly and are available with your choice of message or blank.

Monument Slings

Flexibility, weight, strength, and non-marring properties make synthetic slings the most sought-after slings for monument handling. Available in multiple plys, lengths, and widths.

Need Help Finding the Right Graveside Products for You?

Having the right graveside products can greatly improve the precision and efficiency of one’s ground crew but it can be difficult to know what items best suit your needs. The knowledgeable staff at Holland Supply is more than happy to take your call and set you up with the right equipment for the job. Call us today!

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