Holland Heavy Duty Hydraulic Dump Trailer

Now you can expand your capabilities without the burden of addition capital expenditure. The Holland Hydraulic Dump is designed to utilize your present towing equipment to provide you with all of the advantages of a dump truck, at a fraction of the cost.


  • Front & Rear Dump Controls
  • 10,000 lb scissor lift
  • 7,000 lb flex axle
  • Switchable ball or pintle Ring option
  • Optional: modified design to accommodate extensions


Load Capacity: 3 yards
Length Overall:12 feet
Width Overall: 7 feet
Hopper: 11 gauge steel
Hopper Length: 8 feet
Hopper width: 5 feet (top), 4 feet (bottom)
Total Height: 4 feet
Frame: 6 inches
Tires: 1350×15″
Shipping Weight: 1850 pounds