In moments of loss and grief, families turn to professional funeral services for compassionate support and guidance. Funeral directors and homes play a pivotal role in orchestrating memorial services and providing essential funeral home supplies, ensuring a dignified farewell during their time of need. That is why Holland Supply is dedicated to providing the highest quality funeral products available to satisfy your clients’ needs. Browse the full list of our best-rated professional funeral home supplies.

Professional Funeral Home Supplies

Holland Supply prides itself on delivering top-of-the-line products at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of high quality products that are designed to meet the needs of each family as they navigate these difficult times of loss and grief. Holland Supply is the leading manufacturer of death care products in North America. Read below to see which products are our most popular.


Urn vaults are essential components of a dignified burial following cremation. An urn vault offers protection to the cremains and ensures the integrity of the gravesite. Funeral directors often guide families in choosing the right urn vault, considering factors such as durability and design. The inclusion of burial vaults in professional funeral service arrangements underscores the commitment to ensuring a lasting tribute. Cremation services offer several benefits over a traditional funeral. It eliminates the need for an immediate burial and service and allows the families to have more time to grieve. Choosing cremation is also a great option as it saves on overhead expenses on all funeral arrangements.

Graveside Products

Graveside products are one of the most popular pieces of cemetery equipment. These products play a vital part in all graveside services and allow everything to proceed smoothly and without error. Graveside products come in a wide range of products that can improve any service. Below is a list of our most popular graveside products.

1. Funeral Tents – Holland Supply offers a wide range of funeral tent options that will give any burial service a dignified look.

2. Lowering Devices – A good lowering device is vital for all burial services. These devices allow you to lower the burial vault with ease. Holland Supply also offers a wide range of accessories that give this device a graceful look.

3. Vases – Vases are an easy way to give a burial site or mausoleum an elegant look. We offer a wide range of vases designed for holding funeral flowers that will enhance your customer’s experience.

Casket Handling Equipment

Holland Supplies’ best-rated products also involve a variety of casket-handling equipment.

1. Church Truck – A church truck is an incredibly convenient way of transporting a casket. The truck’s pneumatic wheels and easy folding for storage make it one of our most popular products.

2. Casket Carriage – Due to its maneuverability and customizability the casket carriage is a great product for easing the strain on the pallbearers.

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In the realm of professional funeral services and the emphasis on top-notch customer service, no one beats Holland Supply. Be sure to browse our full catalog of professional funeral home supplies and burial products. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you might have about the wide range of products we offer.

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