The BobKart makes one-man transportation of the burial vault easy and safe. Equipped with an electric 1hp motor.



‘G’ Model Features include:

  • Smart design, by people who are experienced in using them.
  • Large Dayton Gearbox
  • Strong, 5 inch side, MIG-welded frame.
  • Extension shaft to take the chain tension off the gearbox.
  • One year warranty for parts only, based on normal use.
  • Easy access to chains, sprockets and electrical components.
  • Removable spring-loaded cover releases the removable deck.
  • Optional custom gear ratios for either more torque or more speed.
  • Lift rollers can be set to free-wheel or drag, in up position.
  • 1 1/4 inch roller shafts.
  • #60 Chain is standard.
  • Industry standard components.
  • Voltmeter, and Extra Heavy Duty 200 amp Solenoid.
  • Crane pendant on 10 foot coiled cord.
  • 7 x 30 rollers for high flotation across grass – 3 yr warranty.
  • All wiring is bolted or soldered, not just crimped.
  • Quiet Electric operation.   No hydraulic fluid to leak or stain markers.
  • Narrow for tight places, just the vault plus 9 inches.
  • NO GAS ENGINE: means: no oil changes, no gas, less noise, no hard starting, no air filter to clean, no starter to break, no exhaust to choke on.
  • Will carry 3000# up or down a 30 degree incline.