Solar Cemetery Candle

Have you spent a lot of money on wax candles that burn out way too soon?

The new Solar Cemetery Candle features two cells to provide twice the light as before. Save time and money with the new solar cemetery candle.


Our new solar powered candles feature TWO solar panels, that fully charge the included single AA Ni-MH battery contained inside the solar candle during the day to run all night long. The solar panels also contain a light sensor which will then turn on the candle at dusk, causing it to light through the night. TWO Cells also allow for charging during morning and afternoon because they face two different directions. The single AA battery within the solar cemetery candle may need replacement annually, and is easily accessed by gently squeezing, and pulling the two larger halves of the solar candle apart. Designed specifically with eternal light housings in mind, our new solar cemetery candles will fit 90% of eternal light fixtures on the market. Featuring a grooved bottom to facilitate moisture drainage from your eternal light housing, as well as coming apart at the middle of the unit, rather than the bottom for battery replacement, reduces corrosion of the internal workings, that other solar candles may be prone to. This updated version also has a silicon gasket between the top and bottom portions to aid in waterproofing. Our new double cell candle has an even thicker ABS plastic wall for added durability and strength. Our solar candles light using an LED rather than a traditional bulb. Which means the candle will consistently light, without the hassle of changing bulbs from time to time. Having overall dimensions of 7” in height, and 2.5” in width, we think you’ll find our solar cemetery candles to be a maintenance free and economical option to traditional wax candles, while at the same time being comparable in size and appearance. The white LED works in all colored cylinder eternal light housings.