In an industry full of drab products that could bore your clients to death, it’s important to have high-quality cemetery products that enhance your graveside services while making the job easier for your employees. Check out our list of frequently bought cemetery products that will not only elevate your services but will make your employees jobs much easier.

Frequently Bought Cemetery Products

Because it can be difficult to keep up with knowing which cemetery products are popular, we at Holland Supply have compiled a list of products that our clients frequently buy due to their consistent popularity. Keep reading below to see which products you need to satisfy your clients.

Lot Markers

Lot markers are a constant must-have for any cemetery. These handy products help mark gravesites. Whether you choose to purchase the stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic variant, they are a great addition to your cemetery.

The stainless steel option is the most popular lot marker on the market. They are fully customizable and are easily able to be located through snow or if they’re sunken with a metal detector.

Aluminum Memorial Grave Markers

These flag markers are a great way to honor somebody who has served in the armed forces. No matter what capacity they served in, there are flag markers for them. Holland Supply offers flags honoring US veterans of Korea, Vietnam, World War II, and Fire Service.

Cremation Stands

One problem some services run into when the deceased has been cremated is giving the same weight and solemnity to the service that a casket provides. With a cremation stand, you are able to elevate the urn vault and make it the centerpiece of the service. With the cremains at the center of the service, you are able to have the same quality service even without the casket. Choose from our selection to find the one that’s right for you.

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Much like the aluminum memorial grave markers, stick flags are a great way to adorn a gravesite for someone who has served in the armed forces or is particularly patriotic. While these flags don’t specify how they served like the memorial grave markers do, they’re still a great way to honor your loved ones while providing a splash of color to their gravesite.


Speaking of adding aesthetically to a gravesite, vases are a great way to enhance the beauty of any gravesite. With a wide selection of hanging and ground-level vases, you can ensure each gravesite is as beautiful and unique as the last. Browse our full selection of beautiful vases here, or check out one of our most popular options, the spartan vase, pictured below.

Chair Covers

Having high-quality seating is essential to having a great graveside service. But chairs lose their fashionable look if not cared for properly. A great way to extend the life of your chairs is by using chair covers. These covers are easily washable and heavy-duty. So no matter what comes your way, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Temporary Grave Markers

While you wait for a tombstone or other permanent marker to be finished, it’s important to have a temporary placeholder. Holland Supply offers a large variety of temporary grave markers that give graves a dignified look as they wait for a more permanent option. Check out our full list of options here. Also, be sure to check out one of our most popular options, the #49 marker, with its raised lettering and customization options.

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We hope this list helps you to easily know which products will help give you the best value for elevating your cemetery’s look and functionality.

Ready to order? Call Holland Supply at 800-527-8818 to speak to our knowledgeable staff. We’re ready to take your call, answer any questions you have, and place the order for the products you need. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website. We look forward to doing business with you!

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