With so many different funeral home supplies and suppliers on the market today, it can be hard to sift through all the options to find what’s best for you and your clients. We know you have a lot of options, that’s why we’d like to put our name in for consideration for having the honor of providing for you and your clients. Read below to see if Holland Supply should be your go-to for funeral home supplies.

Why Choose Holland Supply?

While Holland Supply does offer some of the highest quality funeral home supplies in the business, we do acknowledge that we are not the right fit for every customer. Holland Supply focuses primarily on providing supplies for traditional services and burials, as well as cremation supplies. Those seeking alternatives, such as green burials, or space burials may not find the products they need in our catalog.

But for those providing their clients with more traditional services, we are happy to provide you highest-quality products in the industry. Here’s what sets Holland Supply apart from the competition.

Top-quality Funeral Home Supplies

Any company can tell you that their products are the best in the business or that they only provide the highest quality products available, but we won’t do that. We’ll let our satisfied customers speak for us. Below are real reviews left by satisfied customers that show the Holland Supply difference.

“Holland Supply has consistently provided excellent products, service, and knowledge in my nearly 3 decades in the death care field.” -Kelley Link, Memorial Plan, Inc

“Your products always go beyond our expectations. Holland Supply’s quality is highly valued…We have no hesitation on who to call when our company needs supplies. Your team of highly professional customer service representatives demonstrates a positive attitude and product knowledge supplies.” – David Stiles, Hupp-Stiverson Co.

The death care industry is full of drab and boring products that need to be replaced after a few years. We at Holland Supply offer top-of-the-line products that give your services an elegant and refined look without sacrificing on quality.

Experienced Staff

As you may have seen in the reviews above, Holland Supply’s staff are experts in our field. We have been in the industry for over 60 years. Over that time, we have continued to grow and learn. That’s why our staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you with all your needs. No matter what questions or concerns you may have, our staff can help solve your problems.

We have been praised time and time again for our friendly staff, but it doesn’t end there. Customers can tell our staff members truly care about helping them, that’s what sets Holland Supply apart. Our staff members work with you through our easy and quick ordering process so you can get the products you need as quickly as possible.

Call Today!

But don’t just take our word for it, put us to the test! Contact us to get in touch with our staff members today, and experience the Holland Supply difference firsthand. Whether you contact us via our website or by phone (800-527-8818), our staff members are ready to answer all your questions and get your order placed. And be sure to browse our catalog to find all the products your clients are asking for.

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